Showing Dad How!

Longtime fly fisherman, Chuck, and his son, Matt, who is new to working the long rod, prevailed over a heavy river flow (5,100 cfs) and frigid 36.5 degree water temperature to secure some steelhead love on Michigan’s Muskegon River today. A quick study, Matt learned the cast, drift, and line management without any issues, but, nonetheless, hadn’t experienced a take as we neared day’s end. He persisted, though, albeit helped by a snooze as I ran down the river only to stop at that proverbial “one last spot’ where Matt made that “one last cast” that proved to be not only his last cast but his first cast! Bang! Steelhead on and off to races we went as the handsome buck he poses took us down and up, and down and up, the river repeatedly before I could finally net Matt’s first ever steelhead on a fly rod and reel. Congratulations, Matt! Dad’s skipper hen was a cutie, but your buck, well, now we’re. talking!  Dad loved it all, though, since like most dads, I’m sure one of his highest hopes is for his son to catch the fly fishing bug big time. From what Matt said and accomplished today, I just think those hopes are well on their way to being realized!

Captain Tom Kuieck