On a gorgeous Chamber of Commerce Muskegon River day featuring high pressure and cloudless, bright skies, long time friend, customer, (and former student!) Kevin hosted two of his Chicago business associates, Floyd and Cliff, both of whom were brand spanking new to the fly fishing for fall steelhead game.

Lessons learned and fishing hard all day, the guys persisted in hopes of connecting with steelhead. Their persistence paid off when, as the float trip was nearing an end, Cliff hooked his first steelhead, which, as they are wont to do, shot upstream faster than Cliff could strip line, resulting in the dreaded “premature release.” Minutes later, though Cliff hooked the hen he poses and brought her to hand. Talk about the perfect capper for the day: sweet, so sweet! Congratulations, Cliff! Just a great day all ’round for us all!

Tom Kuieck