Orvis Mission 13’ 7wt. Spey

Orvis released its new line of two-handed rods last month and I’ve been chopping at the bit to get one on the water. I had the pleasure of fishing a prototype of the 13’ 7wt. rod about a year and a half ago and to finally see the finished product come to fruition was a long wait.

The new Mission 13’ 7wt rod did not disappoint. It effortlessly placed both short 40’ casts and longer 80’ casts on target with precision. Here was the set up:

Orvis Mission 13’ 7wt.

Abel Super 12x

7/8 Nextcast Salarfinder 40

Sufix 30lb hi-vis mono running line

Background info on my line choice

I have been using the Nextcast Salar 40 series of integrated heads as my primary lines for guiding for better than 5 years. These lines are fantastic in construction and fly through the air without any of the quirks that can sometimes be present in other integrated heads. In my opinion, integrated lines simply present the fly better at depth than traditional skagit or scandi lines. It also gives a better “feel” as the fly swings through the run.

The Muskegon River is primarily a boat fishery. Yes, there are areas you can wade fish, but most of the time we swing from the boat. A longer fly line simply helps the caster keep the line attached to the water through the casting stroke while standing on top of the water in a boat.

These heads are Euro rated and easily converted for matching conventional lengths and grain weights.

7/8 wt. 8.2 meters (27’) and 30.5g (470grains)

10’ tip (approx 90 grains)

Total head & tip weight 560 grains

4’ 15lb floro leader & fly

Total length of head, tip, leader is 41’.

The Nextcast Salar 40 comes in a variety of densities to match to your river conditions. These heads do require either pairing with the 10’ tapered sinking tip or floating tip. If your rod length exceeds 14’ the 15’ tips are advantageous.

The new Orvis Mission 7wt Spey will be perfect for your two-handed steelhead needs no matter where you fish. The rod tracks perfectly through the cast and delivers on target and will little effort. Get yours today at Orvis.


Capt. Steve Kuieck