“Oh, the Weather Outside Is Frightful, but the Steelhead are Delightful!”

Flat-out gorgeous, but 17 degrees chilly, the Muskegon River valley, draped in new fallen snow, today shared its steelhead bounty with long time customers and friends, Terry and Pat. With a heavy flow at 4,050 cfs, double its historical mean, the river and cold temperatures made for challenging conditions—not the least of which was our sliding about on the floor of the boat with our ice encrusted felt soled waders! The steelhead paid no mind, though, and gave Terry and Pat all they sought and more. The size and condition of the fish this fall and hence, their speed and strength, is unlike anything we’ve seen for at least the past decade. Throw in the nearly spectacular beauty of the snowy trees juxtaposed against an azure sky, and you have what we shared—a most wonderful and  memorable day. In short, just plain special!

Captain Tom Kuieck