October is here, Fall Salmon on the Muskegon River

Fall Salmon Riverquest Charters Muskegon River


October is here! Its been a long wait, but finally, that most anticipated season for fly fishing the Muskegon River has arrived! As predicted, our Fall Salmon are running very large, and some of our customers’ “Best Ever!” catches look likely. The Muskegon is a “late” river when compared with, for example, the Pere Marquette, Manistee, and Betsie Rivers since, as a tailwater fishery with a warmer water draw from the Croton Dam impoundment, our fall run of Chinook salmon starts a week to two weeks later than the aforementioned rivers due to warmer water temperatures. All of which means, we anticipate fall salmon in the river into the third week of October at which time fall steelhead will begin making their presence known as well.

Speaking of which…. If you’ve ever given thought to trying your hand at hooking and giving your best shot at trying to land one of these amazing silver bullets that more often than not go airborne time after time, you really ought to make your move this fall. If you’ve been following our monthly newsletters, you get how pumped we are about the ever-increasing quality and size of our Muskegon River steelhead. You’ve got to know it could be something really given the fact that our five guides with years of chasing these great gamefish on Muskegon are suffering some major cases of buck—well make that steelhead—fever” this fall.

More good news; we still have single day trips available for fall salmon fly fishing and single and multiple days open for fall steelhead. This will sound like guide hype, but you would be well advised not to hesitate too long in looking into booking a float, or you may miss out in getting the day or days that fit your schedule the best.

Whether it’s single-handed fall salmon or fall steelhead fly fishing or swinging flies for steelhead on two-handed rods, this year promises to be a winner, big time. If you have zero experience fly fishing, no problem; as we say over and over again, we love to teach and introduce people to our sport. On the other hand, if you are an experienced fly fisherman, we promise to share some of our tricks of the trade and learn from you, too.

So, why not give Steve a call at (616) 293-0501 to learn more? Absolutely no obligation; just any and all the information you might need and would like to receive. Here’s hoping we hear from you soon!

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