“Now, That’s a Real Birthday Gift!”

Early this year, John’s wife, Karen, called me to request a RiverQuest fly fishing trip gift certificate, which she wished to gift John for his birthday.  Today, was the culmination of his having received that gift, and what a great time it was.

John brought his friend Ted, who had never used the long rod to fish, let alone for salmon, but he did well, and the fishing proved great fun all of us. Toss in some stimulating discussion of public policy, a couple of book reviews, and some salmon that cooperated when the steelhead didn’t, and bingo!—we had the makings of a most enjoyable day, indeed.

Thanks, guys! Loved every minute of our day together.

Captain Tom Kuieck

Here’s Ted with his first fish ever on a fly rod—a male Chinook, that he hooked and landed like a pro.