November 8 & 9, 2008

This past weekend marked the conclusion of my regularly scheduled programing for the 2008 season. I enjoyed the weekend with Dr. Vince Shen, one of our regulars. Vince wins the Iron Man of the season award! We have all been waiting for steelhead weather and it showed up this weekend with a vengeance. Saturday Vince braved a cool (OK cold) snowy morning followed by an all day driving rain, with Sunday bring in colder temps and snow and sleet for most of the day. Through all the weather Vince braved full days, covered LOTS of water and worked hard. Fishing was slow to say the least, we had our chances with both days bring a few tugs but the only fish landed was a slightly confused salmon. With the slow fishing we concentrated on education and honing fishing skills. We moved Vince up from C & D to polishing his skills with indicators on switch rods and also introduced him to the art of swinging spey flies. Vince seemed to enjoy swinging and picked up on it very quickly. I look forward to our next outing in the spring to continue fine tuning the newly acquired skills.

Steve, Don, Fred and I all have short term openings for the late fall and winter seasons. If you have an interest in getting out and enjoying some steelhead fishing without the crowds give us a call.