Muskegon River Lodge Wine and Cigar Symposiums

Muskegon River Lodge in collaboration with D Schuler’s Wine Cellars is pleased to announce the coming cigar and fine wine symposiums.

D Schuler’s Wine Cellars has been West Michigan’s premier beverage destination since 1972. Their expert beer, wine, and spirit merchants are always on top of the latest trends and innovations of the liquid world. D Schuler’s Wine  Cellars also has a wide selection of fine hand rolled cigars from all over the world.

Together this collaboration will bring intimate wine tasting retreats with guest presentations as well as cigar symposiums for cigar aficionados in today’s “smoke free” world we live in. For information on how to book your group for a feature symposium please give me a call 866-837-0440 or email me at .

Capt. Steven Kuieck