Merry Christmas Tom

So, when former educator colleague Nancy called me late last year to let me know that she thought a RiverQuest Charters gift certificate for husband Tim (who also is a former colleague) would be an out-of-the-box, surprise Christmas gift, I assured her that in my experience, guys get fired up about receiving the gift certificates. When she went ahead with it, I was especially pumped for the trip because the three of us hadn’t connected since we had retired from education more than just a few years ago, and because I respected them both to the max.
Neither had cast a fly rod, of course, but Nancy thought the Christmas gift would certainly surprise Tim, as I’m sure it did. And, what the heck; it would be an adventure! So, this morning, off we went in pursuit of smallmouth bass on Michigan’s Muskegon River on what proved to be yet another gorgeous day on the water.
I love introducing people to fly fishing, Ever new and challenging, fly fishing is one of those activities that never grows old and stale. No “same old, same old.”
Nancy and Tim learned well to the point that both were turning fish on poppers and streamers. Of course, some of the largest bass found ways to elude the net, but no matter, Nancy and Tim understood from the get go that when learning to cast the long rod, any fish brought to hand is a bonus. So, it was great to see each of them quite pleased, thank you, with the bass they landed.
In short, today was a terrific time for yours truly, and judging from the smiles and laughs we shared, so, too, I think for Nancy and Tim.

Tom Kuieck