Jay’s journey from Texas to Michigan’s Muskegon River to Spey cast for fall steelhead stemmed from his loving casting the two-handed rod, to be sure. Judging, however, from his animated retelling of how, while prepping his phone to capture a gorgeous, fog shrouded sunrise, his having been startled by a steelhead’s suddenly grabbing his swung fly, as it dangled downstream from the boat, surely is a huge part of his love for swinging flies for fall steelhead. And well it should be; there is truly nothing like it.

Then, within a hour later, another smashing grab! In short, a most memorable day of chasing fall steelhead and best of all taking them on the swung fly. Congratulations, Jay!

Here, Jay poses the two fall steelhead he brought to hand with the Spey rod and swung flies. Swinging for fall steelhead is now underway on the Muskegon River and should hold up well into December. If you’ve never swung a two hander for steelhead, know this: it’s intoxicating, addicting, but most of all, satisfying.

Tom Kuieck