Flat-out Perfect!

The Newaygo Chamber of Commerce must have ordered a picture perfect weather forecast for today, including a request for cooperative steelhead and salmon, because it proved extraordinarily pleasant. I had the distinct pleasure of guiding the three member Rudolph group on a day that felt like spring: high sixties, little or no breeze, and sunlight galore, plus clearing flows of the Muskegon River with Chinook salmon actively spawning. Then too, resident trout and early run steelhead were actively feeding on aquatic insects dislodged by spawning hens and on the eggs the salmon were depositing.

A steelhead on and lost and steady, fresh run Chinook action marked the day. Moreover, that all three men are men of faith, service, and extraordinary charity resulted in substantive discourse about significant contemporary issues within and without the church, thus further enriching the day.

As I phoned my wife Judy on the drive home, I could not have imagined a more delightful day on the river. In short, perfect!

Here Marc poses his first of a number of the buck Chinook he boated. Like yesterday, the fog shrouded sunrise was special as well. Thanks guys for a terrific day! I loved every minute of it.

Captain Tom Kuieck