Fall Steelhead November Review

Fall Steelhead Fly Fishing

Fall Steelhead Fly Fishing

Fall Steelhead season has arrived, and we couldn’t possibly be happier! As we thought could be the case, our fall steelhead are averaging larger than normal, and some are truly fish of a lifetime. October steelhead are a handful in the relatively warm early fall waters of the Muskegon River. Fall Steelhead metabolism is high due to the favorable water temperatures, and now that the salmon, with just a few exceptions, are finished spawning, the daily steelhead diet of salmon eggs is coming to a close meaning that hungry steelhead have started chasing other prey: sculpins, immature salmon and trout, and our Spey flies! The result? Broken lines, broken Spey rods, and broken hearts have made for some crazy memories on the river already. Fortunately, some of these spectacular gamefish, though, make it to our nets, much to the delight of all.

The heart of fall steelhead season, then, is upon us, and November looks to be simply awesome. Large steelhead, swung flies, and the potential for a personal best steelhead leave little reason to miss out on spending time on the river. This is your best chance in a decade for that special steelhead you’ll long remember.

This just in: we had an unexpected cancellation for a stay at our Muskegon River Lodge, November 7-11. Given that these dates are smack dab in the middle of some the best fall steelheading, the vacancy surely won’t’ last long, so consider booking a day or days today!

Whether you’re new to the world of swung flies and two-handed rods or simply would rather fish with single-handed rod, we have daily guide availability to assist you. This is simply the time of year on the river you will not want to miss.

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