Dad’s Treat!

Pretty cool when Dad asks his three sons gathered for Thanksgiving, if they would like to chase some chrome on the Muskegon River with us at RiverQuest the day before the holiday! Needless to say, they were all in. So, Matt and Andrew piled into my boat and off we ventured into a fog shrouded river valley. Despite the river flowing low and clear, both guys hooked steelhead, and here Andrew poses the hen he brought to hand, his first ever steelhead, let alone one on a fly rod and reel. We’re having to cover a lot of water to find steelhead that want to play, but perseverance more often than not pays off as the guys proved today. Congratulations to Andrew, and for Matt, the steelhead he lost may just prompt an itch that leads him to return for another round sometime in the future. In short, two fine young men whom I was most pleased to host and guide.

Captain Tom Kuieck