Couldn’t Have Been Better!

“Some days are diamonds; some days are stones,” Dr. William Kamstra, Jenison High School Principal and my boss when I was an Assistant Principal, used to tell me that at day’s end.  Well, today was a diamond and a big one at that! Kevin, a long time customer and former ninth grade student of mine brought his son-in-law Ian to fly fish Michigan’s  Muskegon River for spring steelhead. And what a day it proved to be! The steelhead were about as plentiful as I’ve seen in a long time, and they kept sampling our offerings. Once again, stone flies were the favored fare, though Kevin’s hen took a shine to the only egg pattern we cast all day.  Here the guys pose some of the steelhead they brought to hand. . In short, a very, very special day of steelheading with two of the best fishing companions one could possibly hope for.

Captain Tom Kuieck