Chasing Smallmouth

On what proved a gorgeous, Chamber of Commerce day on Michigan’s Muskegon River, long time customer and friend Paul joined me for a guided float trip for smallmouth bass. We had the river to ourselves nearly all day, save the occasional soaring eagles, squawking herons, and turtles galore.
Unfortunately for Paul, the smallmouth were in a funk, choosing to either ignore our top water and subsurface offerings until midday when they semi-awoke from their indifference. Paul poses one of the bass that came to hand. Try as he did throughout the day, though, it was tough to move any fish. In short, it simply was one of those “tough bite” days.
Days like this, perfect in every respect save eager fish, are especially trying for fisherman and guide, but Paul handled it with class. We had a great time enjoying all that Mother Nature offered and look forward to connecting again in the fall to chase salmon and fall steelhead.
Tom Kuieck