Buddies Three!

Spectacular day on the Muskegon River today with son Ryan and his two buddies, Ken and Brandon! With a glorious sunrise to greet us, the guys got into the king salmon big time with hookups throughout the day and good numbers of them finding their way into the net. Water temperatures are now where the salmon (and steelhead) are liking it, so the fish were active and aggressive.  Once again, we lost fish that shot across the river into timber; they were simply too large and too strong to turn them with 10 weight rods and 12 lb. tippets. That said, with fish after fish creating all sorts of mayhem due to their size and condition, the day proved nonstop fun. Congrats, guys! This was a day I will long remember with a smile on my face!

Captain Tom Kuieck


Son Ryan’s buck.
Ken’s buck
Brandon’s hen