Bows, no Bison

The last time Jake and I fished together was in 2018. We and four families spent a couple weeks taking in all that Yellowstone Park could offer by RV. The lasting memories we share fly fishing Slough Creek are nothing short of comical as we spent the majority of time dodging Bison seeking refuge from the hot August sun along the the banks of the river. The sight of Jake, Landon, and my son Zach swimming through prime holding water as a mother Bison and her calf took ownership to their spot along Slough Creek is something I won’t likely ever forget.

Celebrating Jake’s birthday Friday I sought to create a new memory with one of our fine Muskegon River resident trout. The rainbow trout were plentiful and Jake was able to land this fine rainbow trout (pictured above). Congratulations & Happy Birthday Jake, I’m already looking forward to our next adventure.

Capt. Steven Kuieck



2018 Slough Creek