About As Good as It Gets!

What a day we had today—Dr. Scott and his Dad, Roger—with whom I served a number of years on the governing board of our church! Roger has served our church in so many ways and through his selfless service, has touched the lives of many, including me. So, it was great to connect with both of these men again, and although, shame on me, I was not expecting much of our day of fly fishing with the Muskegon River with it flowing at less than its mean average in bright sunlight and high 70’s temps, lesson learned: “You never can tell!’

Truth is, the guys hooked steelhead all day. Roger lost the largest steelhead, an especially large buck that he fought for a goodly amount of time, only to have it wrap the leader around a limb that I didn’t know was there. Dr. Scott, though, had better luck with steelhead that kindly avoided the sundry “Oops!” that happen with the fly fishing game. Here he poses a couple of the steelhead he brought to the net, both of which took stone flies.

All in all, a most memorable day that I will remember for a long, long time.

Captain Tom Kuieck