A Day to Remember!

Former Jenison Public High School student of mine, Kevin Shrock, with his son-in-law, Ian, pose the first of numerous steelhead they hooked and brought to hand today. Occasionally, fly fishing for steelhead on Michigan’s Muskegon River can be so good that the customers take a pass on the grilled streamside lunch so they can continue to hook steelhead. Today, was that day to the max; so lunch was in the boat while it rested on the trailer at the launch site! RiverQuest Charters isn’t into numbers, but suffice it to say, this was a day we three will remember for a long, long time. Not only that, I love these family float trips; it’s a privilege to be a part of making the sort of memories only a successful day on the river, fly rods in hand, can make. Congratulations, Kevin and Ian!

Tom Kuieck