One of the special aspects of guiding are the wonderful friends we are privileged to make—friends who return season to season, year after year. Included is a sampling of those special people. Kyle and John are in the financial services industry here in Michigan. Ken is from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, having made this his first (and he says not his last) trip to our Michigan rivers. Tom Sr. fishes as passionately as any of my clients, usually ignoring the missives of his son, Tom Jr. to put down the rod for lunch. Dave, my boss from another career life, is from Carmel, Indiana, and this trip marked a celebratory occasion for him—his having completed his last round of chemotherapy the week before. Finally, Shannon, decided to put all the guys in their place by bringing a beautiful summer run steelhead to hand, much to the approving hand claps of an admiring and envious audience. These are great times for all, and we at River Quest count ourselves most fortunate to host and to make lasting friendships with people who, through their comraderie and graciousness, only enhance the sport we love so much.

Tom Kuieck

Buddies Kyle and JohnKenTom Sr.DaveShannon