Lots of fun today with Gary and his two buds, Joe and Dan.  With the water temp having dropped to 61 on the Manistee, the Kings decided to get on with “boy meets girl.”  So sight fishing away we went with Gary our rookie, hooking up before his more experienced pals got into the action.  Brown trout, apparently waiting for the Kings to come on gravel, darted among the salmon and took our Antron stone and hex flies, as well as black egg sucking leaches.  As for the salmon, they took all the guys to school with lessons on “Eluding the Net.”  Not all of them learned their lessons well enough as the fellows put them into the net.  Pictured are Gary and Joe with a sampling from today.

All in all, the day was most enjoyable as we watched the annual story of life unfold before us.  Thanks, Gary, Dan, and Joe for wonderful day on the water.

Captain Tom Kuieck