Just goes to show, one doesn’t need to boat a basket of bass to experience a most enjoyable day.  Guests Darryl from Chicago and Rich from Bonita Springs, Florida were new to fly fishing, but the bass decided to go on strike.  Fortunately, about the time the steaks began to send up signals, Rich began hooking bass (and later a rock bass!) from our beloved Muskegon.  Darryl joined in as the smallie he holds attests.  If the fly today wasn’t orange and better yet, an actual crayfish tie, forget it.  Usual great producing white streamers, large and small, were shunned—no takes, no follows, no interest.  Happy I was that the fish began to cooperate a bit when the cold front pushed through, and the guys were rewarded for their having learned to cast a sinktip and work the flies to good effect.

Thanks, Darryl and Rich; I enjoyed hosting you.  Hope you put your new found fly casting skills to work on your home waters.

Captain Tom Kuieck