Gotta love those father/son float trips!  Today, my good friend and long time client, Brian, treated his Dad, Gary, to day of fly fishing for Chinook salmon on the Manistee River.  Gary had never fly fished before, but did did a great job in learning how to cast, manage line, and fight the fish.  Like most of us the first time we sought to close the deal on a large salmon or steelhead as it approached the net, only to have the fish rocket away for one last run, Gary couldn’t resist clamping down on that whirling single action reel. handle.  We laughed as he reflected on how he was determined not to grab it but couldn’t resist because he wanted to get the salmon into the net so bad!  We’ve all been there, Gary.  Welcome to the fly fishing fraternity!  So, how was our day?  We hooked all the fish we needed, landed a few, rubbed sore arm and shoulder muscles, and had a a most memorable day.

As for the river, the Manistee continues to build in numbers of fish with more showing up with each passing day.  Again, the fish are in superb condition this year.  Somehow, some way, they’ve obviously found forage in the big lake.  Their speed and power will test you, no doubt.  Our best flies today were a chartreuse egg fly and a chartreuse caddis.  Pictured are Brian, Gary and yours truly with one of the kings we boated today.

Tom Kuieck