What an experience!  Our nine day foray into the Alaskan bush was extraordinary—fly fishing so spectacular that one needs to live it first-hand to understand and appreciate.  We fished silver salmon (Coho) so fresh from the sea the sea lice on them still had tails, which our guides told us typically fall off within hours of entering fresh water.  Most of the time, though, I sight-fished resident rainbow trout.  The game here is to stalk through the bear bush, praying that a bruin doesn’t decide to make a people sandwich, all the while spotting 20″+ leopard rainbows to which one tosses top water mice on 6 wt. rods.  Simply as good as it gets!  Seemingly everywhere, too, were Dolly Vardon and Arctic Char with the ever present Chum and Sockeye salmon.  Want a change of pace?  Grab the 3 wt. and dries to rising grayling.

To top it off, we made fast friends with any number of guys from all over the country (and  South Aftrica [36 hour plane ride!!].  My bud was Dr. Doug from Cape Cod, pictured below with our beloved guide Whitney Gould, a national Spey casting champion.  Our hosts were professional and despite the fact that the tent camp was accessible only by air and sea, the camp was comfortable and the food exceptional.  Special thanks to Dr. Vince Shen who made my trip possible!  Vince; your kindness will not be forgotten.

Captain Tom Kuieck

Guide Whitney Gould & TK
Best Bud Dr. Doug, Whitney, and buck Artic Char
1" across = 100 lb. = 950 lbs.
Guide Nick Volk w/ my popper munching Silver
Mouse Bow
Dry Fly Grayling