Summer time weather continues with near 90 degree temps this afternoon. Attorney Mike Mathews joined me for what would be a very nice evening of dry fly fishing. Wet wading with water temps near 70 provided a nice relief to the hot weather. We fished mostly dry’s today with only a few quick swings with bead heads. Adams provided lots of activity until the evening bugs got going. If you are leaving the river around 10pm you are quiting about an hour early; most of our good fish had not even begun to show them selves until around 10:15pm. Isonychia blanketed the water in much the same fashion as Hexes would on the other rivers quite late this year. Normally you can find good Isonychia activity from 9pm on but this year it has been very late; grab a cigar or a cocktail and wait! Pictured is a very nice 20 inch fish from this evening. Maybe it was the sun but I saw a couple of hexes tonight…on the MO…?

Tight lines,