Great evening of dry fly fishing today with friend and client Jeff and his guest Mark!  Both guys are dry fly neophytes, but with trout rising to cinnamon caddis for well over two hours, the guys eagerly ventured into the world of dry fly fishing,  They were rewarded with continuous action, which at one point, featured a double hook-up.  Both Jeff and Mark have fished steelhead with me, and while they love chasing chrome, their enthusiasm for dry fly and streamer fishing for trout was off the charts.  Of course, the atmospherics were spectacular:  no wind, high pressure, clear skies, and the woods lush with early summer vegetation; it was simply a special night to be on the water.

Minnow and crayfish patterns,  fished on 200 grain sink-tips, also produced well, but the day belonged to the four weight rods.  As for drakes, only a few emerged around 10:15,  We hung in there until 10:45, but no big emergence or fall in our area,.  Pictured is Mark with a fat bow taken on the top with a #16 caddis—a real accomplishment for a guy who had never cast a floating line before.  Does he look happy or what!!  Congrats, Mark!  You and Jeff are well on your way to becoming dry fly guys!  Thanks to both of you for a most memorable and satisfying evening on the Mighty MO.

Captain Tom Kuieck

Captain Tom