Sheesh!  What a cooker!  Temps in the 90’s and no breeze!  Without question, one of the warmest days I’ve ever had on the river.  No matter, though, Ross and Doug, went to work with the sink tips and streamers, and the trout cooperated with frequent takes.  Though Ross lost the proverbial big one when the hook pulled out, we had a great time with eager trout striking our flies.

Following supper, we set up on some of our favorite lies to wait out the hatch.  A few sulphers came off, but otherwise, the water was dead:  no flies and few rises.  Late in the evening, though, a good trout sucked in Ross’ emerger, only to have Ross lay a good old fashioned steelhead hookset on him.  Sore lips and all, the trout swims today, undoubtedly wondering, “What the heck was that?”  We had some good laughs over it all, and although we had a brief, but heavy, sulpher spinner fall at nightfall, the fish had already called it a night.

All in all, the trip was great fun.  Once the sun dropped below the treetops, it was pleasant, though still warm, on the river.  Fishing pressure was nonexistent, though the tubers in various sizes, shapes, and ages afforded some entertainment early on.  Pictured are the guys taking a supper break and Doug with one of the trout he took.  Thanks, Ross and Doug, for a most enjoyable afternoon and evening!

Captain Tom Kuieck