Captain Don and I came prepared today for whatever the MO would give us:  C&D rods and indicator/fat line rods for steelhead; sinktips and weight forward floating lines for trout.  Turns out, most of the extra tackle stayed in the case:  we fished steelhead all day because—well, they were there!  Don immediately jumped into his groove, totally smoking yours truly as he held a clinic—repeatedly hooking steelhead while I specialized in vacuum cleaners!

Nonetheless, whether watching a couple of love-struck woodchucks, respecting a heron overhead lugging a branch for his/her nest, or shaking our heads in wonder at Don’s first steelhead as it went airborne, time after time—we had a terrific day.   God has truly blessed Don and me by affording us the privilege of guiding on the Muskegon with its majestic woodlands, crystalline flows, and trout bounty.  Don’s best flies?  No surprise:  egg patterns and caddis.  In short, a memorable time for two buds floating the river for a kick-back, relax day.  And, here’s the great news!  The fun has only begun!  As the steelhead wrap up their 2010 run, the trout are rising to center stage, as are our hatches. Today, despite cold weather and gusts of wind, we witnessed some pretty respectable numbers of caddis coming off the water.  Light liners:  your day is upon us.  Grab the streamer sticks and four weights!  Trout season is here!

Captain Tom Kuieck