For the past two days my son Tim and his two boys Kieron (11) and Kory (9) came up from Georgia to fly fish the Muskegon  and build memories with me. And what great memories we will share for a very long time. My grandsons are already talking about when they can come back to Michigan and fish with grandpa, for me that can’t be any too soon. I’m very proud of Kieron and Kory, they were able to cast, hook and land many steelhead over the past two days. To listen to the chatter and excitement of two boys in the boat, words can’t describe it. I want to thank Capt. Dave DeVries for the photo of the four of us in my boat with Korys steelhead. Thanks Tim, Kieron and Kory for the memories I have of our fishing together.

Capt. Don Graham