Absolutely the most gorgeous conditions possible on the Muskegon today:  clear skies, temps in the 70’s, and calm winds.  Orioles, lots of orioles, sang their beaks off, much to the delight of Don, who loves these colorful, elusive birds.  The river is dropping and is now clear so streamer stripping becomes more of a challenge—especially so with the bright skies.  Nonetheless, Captain Don and I gave it s shot, and the trout cooperated until late morning when they went into a major shut-down mode.  Pictured is a fat brown that smacked one of Greg Senyo’s beadhead leech patterns.  Some mayflies and caddis came off, but it will take a day or two of warm weather to get them going in sufficient numbers to elicit regular rises.  Given the forecast for temps in the 70’s and 80’s over the next week, however, our long anticipated dry fly fishing should materialize soon.  All in all, today was one of those “great days to be alive” sort of experiences.  Beauty everywhere and some willing trout along with Captain Don’s most enjoyable companionship, made for a terrific time on the MO.

Captain Tom Kuieck