Long time customer and friend “Uncle” Pat hosted his two nephews (brothers both) for some late season fly fishing for steelhead.  When the weather gods turned nasty, Pat felt it all the more important for the guys to do the trip to create a memory, however, brutal the weather might make it. I applauded the “toughen them up” approach, and off to the river we went, greeted, of course, by rain and chilly temps.  Dressed for duck hunting, as it were, the guys took all Mother Nature dished out and prevailed.  Lots of searching up and down the river yielded steelhead throughout the day.  Once casts and line management were under control, they guys began hooking steelhead. Of course, as the fickle finger of fishing fate would have it, the “big ones got a away,” but as one can see from the expressions on the guys’ faces, size today didn’t matter…

Thanks guys for a great time under some tough conditions.  I think Pat would agree; the guys passed the grit test with flying colors.

Captain Tom Kuieck