4/20 & 4/21/2009

Michael Kamin and his longtime fishing buddies Arnold & Bob along with Michael’s Steelhead rookie son David joined Steve and Me for their annual trip over the last 2 days. Monday appeared to be a transition day for the fish, with some cloud cover and precipitation the fish were pretty intent on getting settled and down to buisness. Needless to say even though everyone landed fish, those fish were not what you would call happy. Today was a totally different story, the fish appear to have relaxed a bit and were much more willing to play. We brought all our artillery to the party and were rewarded no matter what the presentation, be it C&D or Indies on fat lines. Speaking of Indies, David continued his education from Monday and in the course of the 2 days turned into quite a pro with an indicator rig. David, Bob & Steve spent a good portion of the day today wading looking for target rich areas. Michael, Arnold and I spent the day searching the darker water near active areas to great success. The favorite patterns over the last couple days were, Steelhead candy, Green Caddis and Antron Bugs. With one more day of cloud cover in the forecast before the weather turns once again the fishing should continue to improve.

Capt. Dave DeVries & Capt. Steven Kuieck.