Another beautiful day on the river, especially when it is take your Pastors fishing day. I had the pleasure of fishing with Tim, Matt & Dan all from Blythefield Hills Baptist Church. As the day started it looked like it was going to be a very tough day. While the traffic was lighter than in the past few days we are still dealing with very low and ultra clear water. Early in the day we had a couple good hook-ups but as has been the case over the past few days they were pretty quick releases. After the sun hit the water the fish must have decided it was time for a siesta, Tim’s fish looks a little sad after being woken from his nap (notice the pouty lip). Later in the day things started to pick up a bit and we managed to get it going again, including Matt’s nice 10# (on the boga) hen pictured in the net. The key to today’s success was once again dark water and a lot of patience. All of the fish landed today took either a small stone or an antron bug. It has been a good season so far and I look forward to the weeks ahead. After a little break this weekend it is back to the water non stop for the next 3 weeks. Hopefully the rain forecast for Sunday helps motivate a few more fish to move into the system.

Capt. Dave DeVries