Tough bite today, but a great time with my good friend and client Jeff and his guest, Bill. Bill was new to fly fishing, but in short order he was laying out some fine casts and managing his drifts well. Bill is one of those people who simply loves the outdoors and appreciates all we are blessed to experience while on the water. Great job, Bill; I hope to get you back in the boat soon.

Although we had a fair number of hookups, getting them into the boat, through no fault of the fishermen, was a challenge today. Three of the fish we hooked up had the leaders part half-way between the flies or fly and swivel. Fault the guide for not checking the tippets more frequently. At this stage of the season, we have low water, zebra mussels, and accumulated lost terminal tackle—all of which spell trouble for leaders. Just a lesson for yours truly: in conditions such as these, check those tippets and hook points frequently—more frequently than one may think necessary.

Lost fish notwithstanding, we had a wonderful day: postcard-perfect weather, stimulating conversation, and the sort of good times only a day on the river can afford. Pictured is Jeff with a buck he took on a green caddis. Thanks, guys, for a most enjoyable day on the water.

Captain Tom Kuieck