What a great time I had today with my colleagues, Dave and Tom, from my former professional life! Wish I could say the fishing was great, but, in fact, other than Tom’s gorgeous 10 lb. hen pictured below, which literally smacked an Oregon Cheese and Cherise nuke egg on the third cast of the day, we had to work hard for hookups. We fished dark water and gravel and were rewarded with action in both types of water. The river has dropped and cleared significantly with some previously worked redds, now in very shallow water. All in all, not the best fly fishing day I’ve had with the guys over the years, but no matter, we talked, laughed, and counseled our way through the day. I was blessed in my previous career to work with some tremendously talented and gracious people, and Dave and Tom were right there at the top of the list. So, thanks, guys, for a most enjoyable day. I appreciate your friendship and support more than you can know. See you on the river again in the fall!

Captain Tom Kuieck