Fabulous time on the water today with Jeff and his guest, Bill.  The weather was travel bureau perfect, the steelhead willing, and the companionship top-notch.  A lover of the outdoors, Bill was new to the entire steelhead with a fly rod scene, but he very quickly learned the cast and line management and was richly rewarded.  The brown he holds took a stone fly and not surprisingly, was the largest trout, let alone brown trout, he had ever caught.  The steelhead he landed, too, was a first.  As for Jeff, his pin-point casting resulted in numerous hookups and fish brought to hand.  The buck he holds responded on the first cast after a fly change, following repeated casting with another fly combination.  Just goes to show, don’t get stuck into the one presentation mode.  Stone flies continue productive as do egg patterns in the darker water.

Thanks, guys, for a wonderful day!

Captain Tom Kuieck