Youngest son Ryan had the day off from his welding/fabricating job so off to the MO went father and son.  The day proved one of those rare times when all the fly fishing stars and planets aligned for an extraordinary day of fly fishing.  Heaven knows they are not all like that, but when one’s son is laying out some pretty sweet fat line on the switch rod fishing indies and small pale eggs and nymphs and the trout are saying, “Yes!”—well that’s one special day and memory for us both.  The day belonged to Ryan who boated a buck that pulled the Boga to the 15 lb. mark.  Wide and deep, the fish was shaped like a Chinook.  What a thrill for Ryan; heck, what a thrill for dad!  Great to see, too, our steelhead regaining some of the bulk they had lost in years past.

Thanks for a superb day, son!  I will long remember it.

Dad and Captain Tom Kuieck