Great day on the water today with Jeff and his friend Marc!  We fished gravel today and were rewarded with excellent action through the day until later in the afternoon when things quieted down for us.  Best flies today were chartreuse/cherise nuke eggs, clown eggs, stone flies, and green caddis.  Marc was new to fly fishing, and I kid you not, he amazed Jeff–a long time client of mine–with his casting prowess.  Marc could lay the flies into the tightest nooks and crannies time after time.  Maybe his skills transferred from his UP creek fishing for brookies.  Whatever the case, Marc is now hooked on fly fishing for steelhead, and well he should be with his taking so quickly to casting and line management.  As a guide, one of the most affirming aspects of what we do is to see the someone new to fly fishing, just jump all over it with enthusiasm and excitement as Marc did today. Thanks, guys, for a most memorable day.

Captain Tom Kuieck