Today I had the pleasure of fishing with Gary Johnson and his son Steve. We thought it was going to be a relatively easy day when we had a couple hook-ups early with Steve landing his very first Steelhead. Such was not the case. It took a lot of patience and hard work to bring Gary’s fish to hand toward the end of the day. We had a number of other tugs through the day with Steve getting a couple close to the boat but to no avail. The key today was to find the areas that were somewhat out of the wind and fish slowly and thouroghly with anything orange, it didn’t matter the pattern, clown eggs, nuke eggs or steelhead candy, it just had to be orange. The traffic on the river today was pretty slow. The fish are still holding in their winter areas and some of the usual pre-spawn holding areas, fish carefully and be ready to cover lots of water as no area is holding large numbers of fish yet. Congrats Steve on that beatiful first Steel, I look forward to fishing with you both again.