Captains Steve, Dave, Don, and I just returned from the Midwest Fly Fishing Expo, held this weekend, in Warren, Michigan.  The largest fly fishing show in which RiverQuest and the Muskegon River Lodge participates, it is also our final show of the 2011 season.  Steve has two more presentations, one next week and one the following to the Detroit Fly Fishing Club, which organizes and operates the show—very effectively and efficiently—I might add.  In all, the show was a success for the sponsors and vendors, including our crew.  Attendance was up significantly, and those attending the show were upbeat and making purchases and arranging bookings with folks like us.  We continue to receive favorable reviews about our fly fishing guide service and the Lodge.  We appreciate greatly the kind comments and support of our customers and friends.

The Muskegon River finally is flowing closer to its median and mean, which promises the impending arrival of large numbers of love-struck chrome steelhead from Lake Michigan.  Our fly fishing schedule picks up a head of steam from now on, and we’re fired up to share the Muskegon and its bounty of steelhead with our clients.  Though the RVRST phone is ringing  frequently these days with inquires about dates and commitments for fishing dates, we have some excellent spots still available, so if you want to kick off the winter doldrums, breathe some fresh air, and hang on to a streaking steelhead, give Steve a call at (616) 293-0501.

Pictured left to right are Captains Tom, Don, Steve, and Dave.  As for the picture below us guys at the booth, it results from Don’s and my having received more than our share of grief about what some seem to think are our advancing ages.  Don and I, of course, have no clue about what they speak, but just to humor the pups, we thought we might share what the two of us think would be the ultimate fly fishing conveyance: a 1951 Ford Country Squire topped off with a gorgeously restored wooden Old Town canoe.  Can’t imagine why a couple of young guys like Don and me would think so highly of this fish car, but there it is, vent windows, genuine wood siding, fat whitewalls and all.

Here’s wishing you all a wonderful 2011 fly fishing season!

Captain Tom Kuieck