Guiding me today with the very latest steelhead news and notes was Captain Don Graham, who graciously spread the love among his fellow RiverQuest guides.  As is so often the case, his suggestions were spot on, and my guys, Mark and Dave, reaped the benefits.  Thanks, Don!

The steelhead run is excellent, as we and others have been reporting, and is at least a week and half to two weeks early with fish-love on gravel well underway.  Flows are ebbing back to normal ranges with clarity and color improving significantly.  Egg patterns and buggers were the favored fare of the day.  Dave played “gracious host” as his customer and friend Mark, new to it all, connected with fish after fish.  Pictured are Mark with his first steelhead ever, but surely not his last; Dave with alpha buck; and Mark with momma hen.  All in all, a wonderful day with two positive, fun guys!  Thanks, Mark and Dave!

Captain Tom Kuieck