For those of you who are just now recovering from January/February/Michigan Cabin Fever, I suggest a day on the Muskegon like the one Captain Don Graham and I were privileged to enjoy today. Captain Don’s and my personal fly fishing time is rapidly coming to a close with a full slate of float trip bookings on the docket in the weeks ahead, so we were eager to soak up all the love the day would bring. Crisp, if not downright cold at launch, our day quickly turned terrific. As the sun cleared the treetops, it warmed chilled fingers and before we knew it, off came the layers of clothing and on went the sunglasses. Calm winds and light boat traffic made for an idyllic day on the MO with the river dropping and beginning to clear. Little did it matter that the bite was less than stellar, but hook steelhead we did. To be sure, we were a bit landing-challenged, but with the water temperature up to 39 degrees, the steelhead were bringing high energy to their resistance to our best efforts to bring them to hand. Stone flies, egg patterns, and Antron Hexes were the ticket today. As if to affirm our efforts, one of the best fishers on the river flew overhead, much to our delight. Just wish those of you who love the outdoors, rivers, steelhead, and fly fishing could have joined us. But, then, give us a call, and we’ll work you into our Spring steelhead season for a day we would hope would be as good or better than this one.

Captain Tom Kuieck