Columbus, Ohio residents, Richard and wife Connie, joined me for a steelhead float on the MO today.  The river continues to run over 3,000 ft. per second with significant stain.  Numbers of steelhead have yet to increase to reach their peak.  Nonetheless, persistent casting to the runs, glides, and pools where the steelhead stage prior to going on gravel can spell success.  And so it was for Richard and Connie.  Despite a slow bite, they worked the water hard and left the river fresh with memories of Muskegon  River steelhead.

With heavy rain and sleet forecast for tomorrow, it’s anybody’s guess what the river level will be; here’s hoping there’s room above the dams to hold some of the runoff because barring the river blowing out, we’re set up well for the spring run.  Pictured are Richard with a winter buck and Connie with a pretty hen she brought to hand.  Thanks, Richard and Connie for a most enjoyable day on the water.

Captain Tom Kuieck