Still 14 degree air great us this morning as we launched the boat. Put in at Thornapple to fish up today but extremely icy ramp conditions made things interesting. Getting in was no big deal but the lip on the launch for the “deep spot” made getting out an ordeal. I missed the deep area on the first attempt but was unable to clear the trailer over the lip due to very poor traction. Once I pushed the boat off ( no easy job if you know my boat) I was then able to get out. The end of the day wasn’t any better; my customer gave me a pull. If your using the launch with a big boat-bring salt!

Dan Challa joined me for a fairly productive day. One skipper, a rainbow, and a dark male about 6lbs rounded out the quality fish today along with a European migratory. Oregon Cheese seemed to be the key. Fished various nymphs without a touch. No fish picture today; camera acted up after a scenery shot this morning.

Tight lines,