Keep the Faith–Over-time Success with the Two-hander!

Bye-bye fall, hello winter–at least for the last two days! Scott and Mike from the Columbus area joined me for some challenging Spey fishing the past two days. Brutal wind and cold temperatures pounded us yesterday and despite several good hook-ups none were brought to hand. A fresh coating of snow over night and a little less wind had us pumped as we hit the water today. However, as the bite can go–things were really tough going today. Go figure–easier conditions and no bite? Oh well, not to be deterred, Scott relentlessly presented the fly cast after cast all the while keeping the faith that it was only a matter of time. Much to my pleasure that time came and Scott completed his course– his first steelhead on the two-hander was in the books! Awesome job Scott, congratulations!

Capt. Steven Kuieck