Today was payback on the weather front for the blue skies of yesterday. Showers and steady rain accompanied Tim and Todd’s day on the Muskegon. Todd was up from Atlanta and heard about Dad’s success on the Manisee with Captain Don Graham, so he and brother Tim decided to give it a shot. Don was booked so I had the pleasure of taking the guys. Todd, a self-avowed non-outdoorsman (“I honestly would rather create a data base!”) manned-up and gutted out the weather like a trooper. When he hooked his first King, a bright teenager, he was shocked by the power and speed of the fish. His guide forgot to remind him to “Let it run!” so Todd did what every good fisherman does: he decided he would put the old stoperoo on the fish. Needless to say, as he reeled back his slack line, he had a newfound appreciation of Chinook Salmon. Todd went on to boat a small Jack and a hen that unfortunately for him, was not large enough to top brother Tim’s 14 lb. hen. The deal was whoever lost the big fish contest would have to wear his brother’s college colors—in this case, a rabid Florida guy now needs to wear arch-enemy Georgia’s gear!

Tim, a bass fisherman and outdoorsman, ate up the entire scene. He soon differentiated between simply casting and presenting the flies to the fish. Unfortunately, Tim lost his largest fish due to no fault of of his own: knot failure! Shame on his guide!

Nevertheless, Tim was most gracious. Thanks, guys; it was a pleasure to host you on the river.

Captain Tom Kuieck