Let the good times roll! Former education colleagues, Dave and Tom, reconnected with me on the Manistee today. What a total riot!  We debated education policy, argued politics, talked fishing, and marveled at Mother Nature’s fall performance, both in the river and throughout the woodlands.

Major temperature drop today: yesterday, I finished guiding in shorts and sandals; today, despite the afternoon sunshine, it was a couple layers of fleece and waders.  The peak of the salmon run appears passing rapidly with significant numbers of fish finishing their spawning chores.  We saw some yet-to-spawn fish in the pools below redds; the deeper they are, the larger the fish.  Most of the salmon, though, clearly are winding down on the Manistee.  Time to chase chrome, though the plug pullers with whom I talked today were not having much success yet.  So far, it seems more of a “fish here and there” kind of deal for steelhead.

Pictured are Dave and Tom.  Thanks guys; you’re the best.  Loved every minute of our day together.

Captain Tom Kuieck