10/3/08 Home Again!

Home Again! Just as Steve mentioned yesterday the peacefulness of the Muskegon after a few weeks on the Manistee was a welcome relief. I was joined for my homecoming by David Murdoch & Mark Shepard. Fishing Floating lines and indicators with Green Caddis & Pale nuke eggs the boys were rewarded with some of the finest the Muskegon has to offer. Both landed nice salmon, Mark brought to hand a nice steelhead in the early morning fog. David was rewarded with a beautiful Rainbow and to cap it off we landed, while not large, a beautiful brown. As Steve mentioned yesterday there are fish in the system but they are difficult to pin down. Accuracy is the key, presentations must be spot on or the fish are gone. I look forward to improved conditions over the next few days and weeks as the water temps drop and more fish enter the system.