Son Frank treated the guy who taught him to fish and love the outdoors, Frank Sr., for a day of fly fishing.  Frank Sr. similarly taught the other eight of his children and now is taking his grandchildren fishing.  They all apparently love it and no wonder why:  Frank Sr.’s passion for fishing is real:  he soaked up the instruction, wanted to learn my favorite knot (the Duncan Loop), and asked questions about the salmon, the river, and fly fishing in general.  It’s no wonder his clan loves fishing; they see grandpa’s enthusiasm, and it’s infectious.  Was for me, too.  Now, if I could just get him to open his eyes for the camera!

Thanks, Frank and Frank.  I do hope we can do that smallie trip next summer.  Would love to show your 13 year old how the long rod and smallmouth bass are one sweet match.  I thoroughly enjoyed our day together and hope you long remember it as a special memory for you both.

Captain Tom Kuieck