Today I had the opportunity to fish with Bob for his second day with us. I suspect the results were similar to yesterday, lots of action in the morning & then a lot of hard work chasing fish in the afternoon. Bob’s nicest fish of the day was this early morning buck. Antron Hex’s were the fly of the day, bringing aggressive hits when fished below indicators in the darker water behind redds. Try as we might we were not able to duplicate the steelhead from yesterday even though we spotted a few cruising the dark water darting in for a quick trip to the buffet. The rain that was forecast for today never materialized and we spent the day under bluebird bright skies watching the water level continue to drop. The upside of these current tough conditions is that it has definitely separated the men from the boys. We traveled a good portion of the river today on our hunt and saw very few other boats and virtually no wading anglers which allowed us to fish pretty much anywhere we chose. Keep praying for rain and cooler weather as the water is currently back up to 62 degrees.